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Embroidery Examples

We offer top quality sweatshirts, denim shirts and night shirts all with our creative embroidery.  Here are the patterns that are available in stock.  Custom orders are accepted.

The colors of thread are selected to coordinate with the color of the garment.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

Goofy Moose
Goofy Moose
Left Chest or Full Front
Diamond Moose
Diamond Moose
Left Chest Only
Moon Moose
Left Chest Only
Into the North
Full Front Only
Love Moose
Left Chest Only
Triple Moose
Moose Trio
Full Front Only

new moose pattern

Abstract moose design available as full front three moose or single large moose as left chest on full zipper hoodie only.  On black - design is a red large moose with white small moose.